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All of our food products are gathered by hand, and have no added ingredients.  Dehydrated foods are dried by sun and wind or in a commercial dehydrator within hours of harvest, maintaining optimal flavour and quality.

Stinging Nettle (Urtica dioica)

Stinging Nettle refers to both the native subspecies gracilis and the subspecies dioica which was introduced from Europe.  When fresh, the small hairs on the nettle plant can cause a mild stinging sensation as a result of the various chemicals it contains contacting the skin.  The stinging property is easily eliminated through cooking or drying.

Stinging Nettle is highly nutritious, containing myriad vitamins and minerals, and makes a pleasant, mild tea.

Labrador Tea (Ledum groenlandicum)

Labrador tea is a common shrub found throughout the province, typically in bogs and other moist habitats.  It has been used traditionally by aboriginal peoples across North America.  Being so widespread and common, our Labrador Tea is gathered from various areas of the province, depending on where our journey has led us to at that time.

The leaves are high in vitamin C and have a flavour reminiscent of the forest from which it is harvested.