Spring 2015

Well, apparently I missed 2014 altogether.  Photos from last years morel harvest have been added to the site.  It was a short season but the mushrooms were extremely prolific.  Myself and a small crew took a float plane into the middle of the burn and spent 3 weeks filling our baskets.  With high prices and a massive flush, everyone was happy.

As spring 2015 is upon us in the west, I’m close to heading out to the bush to have a scout before the season actually begins.  There are plenty of burns to choose from in BC this year as well as in the NWT, which experienced the worst fire season on record.  I expect a huge picker turnout in some areas, so I’ll do my pre-work and hopefully find some decent ground away from the crowds.  And, since I have an earlier start this year, I’ll be gathering plenty of nettle, greens and shoots as they advance throughout the spring.

I’ll try to be less negligent with the updates this year.  Get out there and gather!  Happy picking.