Monthly Archives: March 2012

Branding and logo design

It has been a pleasure working with Margaret Hanson on the branding, logo design and website for Gaia’s Wild Foods.  Her hard work and artistic vision has been invaluable to the development of the business.  I plan to continue working with Margaret on retail packaging design, as well as the continued development of the website.  Check out some of her other projects @

Introducing Gaia’s Wild Foods

Gaia’s Wild Foods is the dream of a lone mushroom picker who, when first introduced to the job after moving to BC, became instantly hooked on the lifestyle.  There is a great sense of freedom and adventure that comes with wandering into unknown lands in search of these often elusive organisms.  In wild harvesting, I found something that I am truly passionate about and have since been focusing on making it a career. The name Gaia’s Wild Foods comes from […]